The Aegean Islands Regional Championship  2021 was successfully completed. A total of 12  of NOA’s athletes  participated, 5 of which qualified and will participate in the Panhellenic qualification of the National Team 2021 Optimist & Laser 4.7 that will be held in Athens from 9 to 13 June 2021.

The athletes who qualified are:

 Optimist: Kalivrousis George, Margetis Nikos, Karaoulani Sofia, Kanelou-Kokkinaki Silia

Laser 4.7 : Karaoulani Eliza

Congratulations to all our athletes and especially to our younger athlete Magoula Elena, who took part for the first time in an official event. We wish her to participate in many more.

In addition, we would like to congratulate the coaches of Noa Mr. Fotis Stavridis and Mr. Yiannis Tsoukatos.

We would like to  thank Mr. Grigoriadis for doing his duty as a parent and  taking care of our young athletes with snacks and water.

Thank you to the organizing authority.

We would like to thank Fast Ferries and Golden Star Ferries for their contribution to the transportation of our sports department.


The Regional Championship was attended by athletes:

⛵️Vasilikos George
🌊Vasilikos Thodoris
⛵️Voulgaris Dimitris
🌊Gregoriadis Marios
⛵️Kalivrousis George
🌊Kanelou -Kokkinaki Silia
⛵️Karaoulani Eliza
🌊Karaoulani Sofia
⛵️Magoula Elena
🌊Margetis Nikos
⛵️Sarris Nikos
🌊Tikopoulos Stelios


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