Congratulations to our team for its excellent performance in the Panhellenic qualification for the European Championship.

Until the last moment they claimed a place in the national team with our athlete Sofia Karaoulani on the penultimate day of the games being in 4th place with just 4 points difference from the 3rd place and our athlete Nikos Margetis in the 8th place with just 8 points from 4th.

On the last day of the games our athletes had excellent performance in the final ranking with Sofia Karaoulanis finishing 7th in the general ranking and Kanelou-Kokkinaki Sylvia 25th in total of 30 athletes and Margeti Nikos 13th in the general ranking and Kallivrousi Tzortzis 16th in total 51 athletes.

Congratulations to our athletes Karaoulani Sofia, Margetis Nikos, Kallivrousis Tzortzis and Kanelou-Kokkinakis Sylia.

We thank and congratulate our team coach Fotis Stavridis for his excellent course and dedication.

We would like to thank Fast Ferries for their contribution to the transportation of our sailing team.



It was with the deepest sorrow that we were informed of the news of the sudden death of

member and donor of the Nautical Club of Andros.

The president and Board of Directors as soon as they were informed they met extraordinary today Tuesday 13 October 2020 and issued the following resolution


With the sad announcement of the death of Konstantinos KOULOUVATOS donor and beloved member of the Andros Nautical Club The B.o.D. of N.O.A.  met  and unanimously voted:

To express the condolences of the Nautical Club of Andros to his family.
To half mast the flag of N.O.A. for three days.
The members of the Board will attend the funeral .
To allocate a sum of money where his family may wish and indicate.
Publish this resolution in Andriaki Press and the Internet.

In behalf of the B.D.


     The President                                                                      The General Secretary

Leonidas Polemis                                                                    Konstantinos Tatakis


Our athlete Christianna Bakara, who from the beginning of September is now training in Preveza due to relocation, won the 1st place in her category and the 13th overall in a total of 35 athletes in the Intercollegiate race in Lefkada.

Congratulations to Christianna and her parents fot their support.


The B.o.F. of the Nautical Club of Andros, after the announcement of the death of Father Ioannis Stamos, met  today 31 August 2020 and decided unanimously:

  1. To express his deepest sorrow, for the expulsion of the dear to all Andriots priest-Gianni, the venerable priest who with his spirit, the kindness of his soul, his humility, his deep faith in God and his offer to his fellow men, honored the priesthood and was throughout his life and will continue to be a bright example to follow in the future .
  2. The B.o.F. to attend the funeral.
  3. Instead of wreath a sum of money will be deposited to the Philanthropic Association of Apoikia Andros  in his memory.
  4. Read this during the funeral  and post it on the group’s online page .
  5. Let this  be published in the press.

In behalf of the BOF of the Nautical Club of Andros


Leonidas Polemis


The 1st European Championship in the new Olympic category IQFoil was completed at Lake Silvaplana in Switzerland, with Leonidas Tsortanidis ranked 66th among 102 athletes.

Our athlete  achieved his goal, which was none other than to get experience and knowledge in this new class. With only 10 training sessions with the new equipment left no room for racing goals. Besides, athletes who have been training with IQFoil for many months have stood out and distinguished themselves.

Congratulations to Leonidas.



The European laser Youth Championship in Vilamoura Portugal was successfully completed.

Our athlete Eliza Karaoulani ranked 53rd. Congratulations to Eliza.

Our country won 1st and 6th place in boys category. Many congratulations to all the Greek athletes who participated and for their effort in an extremely difficult period.



Commencement of classes Monday 6th July 2020

Ship Soccer 2019-2020

Noa’s Football team took part in the shipping Championship Ship Soccer 2019-2020 where a total of 12 teams participated. Our team qualified for the semifinals by winning 3-2 the opposing the team “BMS”.

On Wednesday, July 1, the semi-final took place where Noa was defeated by the opposing team “Cosco”.

The team consists of the following:

  • L. Polemis
  • Ν. Κourtesis
  • Κ. Sviriadis
  • D. Stathopoulos
  • D. Xazapis
  • S. Palaiokrassas
  • N. Theodorakis
  • Κ. Κoulouris
  • Μ. Polemis
  • Μ. Αlisafakis
  • D. Stiolis
  • F. Xazapis

Congratulations to our team.


The Exercise to combat marine pollution from oil products in the Port of Gavrio, Andros, took place on 19.06.2020, after coordination and co-Organization of the Port Authority of Andros (Manidakis Demetrios, Lieutenant Governor of Andros) and the Municipal Port Fund of Tinos-Andros (Mantzoros Georgios, Coordinator of operations of Andros), in cooperation with the largest Greek company active in Greece for the last 42 years, “Environmental Protection technique A.E.». During the exercise, the operational readiness of the organization was established with the participation of Seda Andros, members of the Andros – Andrion Club and the Nautical Club of Andros. The Vigilance and alert of the Coast Guard of Andros with the participation of the floating L.P. 346, and the exercise of readiness were crowned with complete success.

The installation, towing and traction of a floating dam of an approved type HNANP by floating lookout means of D.L.T. Tinos-Andros under adverse conditions, which exceeded 5 beaufort, followed the settlement and anchoring of 2 moorings to achieve the original design scenario of the readiness exercise. Then all the antifouling equipment was washed with fresh water to avoid corrosion and arranged in the container of antifouling equipment located at the front of the pier of the Port of Gavrio Andros, in order to ensure its immediate throw into the sea.


On Sunday, June 14, our athletes accompanied by their coaches and members of the board of NOA participated in the cleaning of the beaches of Andros.