The Aegean Islands Regional Championship  2021 was successfully completed. A total of 12  of NOA’s athletes  participated, 5 of which qualified and will participate in the Panhellenic qualification of the National Team 2021 Optimist & Laser 4.7 that will be held in Athens from 9 to 13 June 2021.

The athletes who qualified are:

 Optimist: Kalivrousis George, Margetis Nikos, Karaoulani Sofia, Kanelou-Kokkinaki Silia

Laser 4.7 : Karaoulani Eliza

Congratulations to all our athletes and especially to our younger athlete Magoula Elena, who took part for the first time in an official event. We wish her to participate in many more.

In addition, we would like to congratulate the coaches of Noa Mr. Fotis Stavridis and Mr. Yiannis Tsoukatos.

We would like to  thank Mr. Grigoriadis for doing his duty as a parent and  taking care of our young athletes with snacks and water.

Thank you to the organizing authority.

We would like to thank Fast Ferries and Golden Star Ferries for their contribution to the transportation of our sports department.


The Regional Championship was attended by athletes:

⛵️Vasilikos George
🌊Vasilikos Thodoris
⛵️Voulgaris Dimitris
🌊Gregoriadis Marios
⛵️Kalivrousis George
🌊Kanelou -Kokkinaki Silia
⛵️Karaoulani Eliza
🌊Karaoulani Sofia
⛵️Magoula Elena
🌊Margetis Nikos
⛵️Sarris Nikos
🌊Tikopoulos Stelios


2020 RS:X European and Youth European Championships & Open Trophy


Our athlete Leonidas Tsortanidis ranked 2nd in the category U21 at the European RSX Championship held in Portugal 22-28 November.

For Leonidas the European was the last race in the RSX as he is already training in the iQfoil category that from 2024 will be the new Olympic category.

Congratulations to Leonidas and his coach George Frangos.

Panhellenic Optimist Championship

The Panhellenic Optimist Championship was successfully completed at the Chalkida Sailing Club 30/10-2/11.

Two of our athletes took part in the championship, Karaoulani Sofia, who finished 12th in a total of 54 girls and Margetis Nikos, who finished 17th in a total of 71 boys.

A total of 7 races were held in a very demanding track with low winds and many changes in both intensity and direction.

Congratulations to our athletes and their coach Fotis Stavridis.

We would like to thank Fast Ferries and Golden Star Ferries, who have contributed the most to the transportation of our sports department.






The Panhellenic Championship Laser 4,7 organized by the Nautical Athletic Club of Kalamaria was completed with absolute success after a total of 7 races.

Eliza Karaoulani finished 9th in a total of 60 boats. It is worth mentioning that until the penultimate day of the Championship  Eliza was in the 4th place of the general ranking claiming a medal.

Marios Grigoriadis finished 57th, Stelios Tikopoulos 83rd and Thodoris Vasilikos 85th in a total of 96 boats.

Congratulations to our athletes and their coach G. Xypas.

We would like to thank Golden Star Ferries for contributing the most to the transportation of our sports department.



Congratulations to our team for its excellent performance in the Panhellenic qualification for the European Championship.

Until the last moment they claimed a place in the national team with our athlete Sofia Karaoulani on the penultimate day of the games being in 4th place with just 4 points difference from the 3rd place and our athlete Nikos Margetis in the 8th place with just 8 points from 4th.

On the last day of the games our athletes had excellent performance in the final ranking with Sofia Karaoulanis finishing 7th in the general ranking and Kanelou-Kokkinaki Sylvia 25th in total of 30 athletes and Margeti Nikos 13th in the general ranking and Kallivrousi Tzortzis 16th in total 51 athletes.

Congratulations to our athletes Karaoulani Sofia, Margetis Nikos, Kallivrousis Tzortzis and Kanelou-Kokkinakis Sylia.

We thank and congratulate our team coach Fotis Stavridis for his excellent course and dedication.

We would like to thank Fast Ferries for their contribution to the transportation of our sailing team.



Our athlete Christianna Bakara, who from the beginning of September is now training in Preveza due to relocation, won the 1st place in her category and the 13th overall in a total of 35 athletes in the Intercollegiate race in Lefkada.

Congratulations to Christianna and her parents fot their support.


The 1st European Championship in the new Olympic category IQFoil was completed at Lake Silvaplana in Switzerland, with Leonidas Tsortanidis ranked 66th among 102 athletes.

Our athlete  achieved his goal, which was none other than to get experience and knowledge in this new class. With only 10 training sessions with the new equipment left no room for racing goals. Besides, athletes who have been training with IQFoil for many months have stood out and distinguished themselves.

Congratulations to Leonidas.



The European laser Youth Championship in Vilamoura Portugal was successfully completed.

Our athlete Eliza Karaoulani ranked 53rd. Congratulations to Eliza.

Our country won 1st and 6th place in boys category. Many congratulations to all the Greek athletes who participated and for their effort in an extremely difficult period.


Bodrum International Optimist Regatta

Today Monday 9 March 2015 the “Bodrum International Optimist Regatta” was completed in Bodrum, Turkey.

Our athlete Eliza Karaoulani who participated in the race came 55th in the overall ranking in a total of 145 athletes and 13th in the girls category in a total of 39 athletes.

Well done to Eliza !!