Drawing Competition

In order to keep alive the interest of the young athletes of our sailing club, but also to stimulate their artistic possibilities and creative imagination, we organized a drawing competition on Sailing, Noa and the New Year.

We are thrilled with the participation of our athletes and the attention that the projects have garnered on the site.

The visits on our FB page exceeded 10,000 and the winner was Kyrtatas Giorgos whose work depicts a boat sailing in the blue sea.

We hope soon to be able to return to our normality.
The “adventure” of corona virus that we are going through can be perceived as an opportunity for creative alternatives and this is what we did at the Nautical Club of Andros.

Congratulation to all of our athletes

The participants in alphabetical order were:
Vastardis TzortzisΒασταρδής Τζώρτζης
Voulgaris Giannis
Voulgaris Dimitris
Kaklamanis Antonis
Kaklamanis Konstantinos
Kanelou-Kokkinaki Silia
Kyrtatas Giorgos
Magoula Elena
Nikopoulos Spiros
Tikopoulou Ioanna

We thank all the children for their drawings.

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