The Exercise to combat marine pollution from oil products in the Port of Gavrio, Andros, took place on 19.06.2020, after coordination and co-Organization of the Port Authority of Andros (Manidakis Demetrios, Lieutenant Governor of Andros) and the Municipal Port Fund of Tinos-Andros (Mantzoros Georgios, Coordinator of operations of Andros), in cooperation with the largest Greek company active in Greece for the last 42 years, “Environmental Protection technique A.E.». During the exercise, the operational readiness of the organization was established with the participation of Seda Andros, members of the Andros – Andrion Club and the Nautical Club of Andros. The Vigilance and alert of the Coast Guard of Andros with the participation of the floating L.P. 346, and the exercise of readiness were crowned with complete success.

The installation, towing and traction of a floating dam of an approved type HNANP by floating lookout means of D.L.T. Tinos-Andros under adverse conditions, which exceeded 5 beaufort, followed the settlement and anchoring of 2 moorings to achieve the original design scenario of the readiness exercise. Then all the antifouling equipment was washed with fresh water to avoid corrosion and arranged in the container of antifouling equipment located at the front of the pier of the Port of Gavrio Andros, in order to ensure its immediate throw into the sea.

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