Ship Soccer 2019-2020

Noa’s Football team took part in the shipping Championship Ship Soccer 2019-2020 where a total of 12 teams participated. Our team qualified for the semifinals by winning 3-2 the opposing the team “BMS”.

On Wednesday, July 1, the semi-final took place where Noa was defeated by the opposing team “Cosco”.

The team consists of the following:

  • L. Polemis
  • Ν. Κourtesis
  • Κ. Sviriadis
  • D. Stathopoulos
  • D. Xazapis
  • S. Palaiokrassas
  • N. Theodorakis
  • Κ. Κoulouris
  • Μ. Polemis
  • Μ. Αlisafakis
  • D. Stiolis
  • F. Xazapis

Congratulations to our team.