The Board of Directors of the Nautical Club of Andros, met today 21 January 2021 in a special session meeting as soon as it was informed of the sad news of the death of

                                         NIKOLAOS ZERVOS                                              

Nikolaos Zervos, has long been a member of the Board of Directors of N.O.A. during the periods 1983-1985, 1985-1987 and 1987-1989.

The board, honoring his memory, unanimously decided:

To express his condolences to his family.
Members of the B.O.D. will attend his funeral.
To fly the flag of the Yacht Club until the day of his burial.
To publish the sad news in the local press.

Andros, 21.01.2021

President Leonidas Polemis

General Secretary Konstantinos Tatakis

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